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FLOWERS MAKE US HAPPY || a letter to our Prime Minister

Dear Jacinda,
I am a florist, and as such I have often been asked what I love the most about my job; without any doubt my answer is always the same.


No matter the occasion, whether it be a birth, death or marriage flowers undoubtedly bring a smile to any person receiving them.
Flowers are an affordable luxury and an easy way to send that person who you are thinking of joy and happiness during difficult times.
I know to compare yourself to another is never a positive thing. Let alone to compare one country to another, especially when the comparing country is doing a far better job at containing the spread. However, Australia is still allowing the trade of flowers and with this comes the new push of supporting local. The international trade has come to a halt and the local growers are being show cased.
My heart broke while watching One news and seeing a grower of lilies having to mow his crop down whilst on sevensharp another grower announced he would be to destroying 7,000 blooms per day before coming up with wonderful plan of giving away his crop to the hard working staff at an Auckland medical centre. We florists are all left wondering where our industry will be once life returns to ‘normal’, given our suppliers deal with a perishable commodity unlike so many other retailers.
There is no doubt that the floristry industry has taken a turn for the worse with regard to sustainability. The amount of imported flowers only creates confusion to the consumer about seasonal blooms.


To showcase what New Zealand growers can produce and to help bring the floristry industry back to being a more sustainable one. With online orders only and contactless deliveries we would be able to bring hundreds of smiles to hundreds of families and individuals all living in their own bubbles. I don’t know about you, but I would take a bunch of colour, fragrance and joy over a deep fryer which has been deemed as a ‘necessary’ item from a particularly large corporately own chain store.
There is no doubt that you are doing a fantastic job Jacinda, we thank and applaud you.
It is moments like these we would love to send you flowers,


Take care,
Peri and the Green Room Gals x