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Did you know....

The Green Room has a sister store and it's
Wanaka's first indoor jungle!

Seriously, I'm not kidding. There are plants EVERYWHERE!



You have to pop in to our jungle at 28 HELWICK STREET and check out all the different potted indoor plants we have on offer. It's like the tropics and we are proud to admit we have a plant problem. A problem that is much better shared with the likes of you.
We stock all kinds of luscious leafy Philodendrons which are everyone's favourite indoor variety. Philo's are categorised into what they call a 'genus' from the 'Araceae' family. These guys are often deep green, leafy foliage plants that climb or hang or grow wide as a shrub & are super easy care once established.
If you haven't explored the range of Philodendrons yet, you need too! You'll be hooked.
Another one of our top picks are the air purifying beauties that are Peace Lilies - their bush like growing habit & leafy green leaves provide the perfect image of an indoor plant. Not to mention their scientifically proven benefits of clearing the air of toxins! This means if you buy one you are not only satisfying your plant addiction but you are cleansing the air at home too!!
Win-win situation I say.

On a Budget?

Don't you fret - we have you covered in this area too with little plant babies starting from just $25! We stock baby Sansevieria (Mother in-laws Tongue) and loads of cutie patootie succulents, potted and ready to go - perfect for a little pressie or thank you gift. 
We are constantly changing up what we have in store and some of our rarer plants like the triangularis oxalis have a waiting list because they are so hard to find!
Triangularus Oxalis Oxalis Planted
If you want to be on it - drop us an email here;

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Love the Plant Collective team!


  • Marion Kelly

    Hi. I would like to buy some oxalis triangula or purple shamrock either bulbs or plants. Do you have them in stock or can I order some please? Regards

  • Shona

    Hi, trying to find oxalis triangula bulbs in NZ rather than order from overseas. Do you know where I can get some please?

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