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Alocasia Sarian

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Alocasia Sarian || An outstanding hard to come by plant that requires attention, ideal conditions & love to flourish. With its emerald green leaves that are detailed with thick white lines and striped stems this spectacular plant will add a perfect touch of style to any home or sunny office.

Light: bright indirect light- east facing window with lots of even filtered sunshine

Temp: Warm - will not tolerate cold

Water: Likes slightly moist soil, don't let soil dry out but do not over water. 

Soil: Free draining organic : mix of perlite, potting mix & compost

Feed: Every month during growing season (Spring-Autumn) 

Tips: Keep in even temperature without cool drafts, a sunny east facing window with even light and regular watering will prove to grow into a luscious thriving indoor plant.

Extra tip: to create even humidity place 2-3cm of river rocks, or pebbles into a deep saucer and regularly top with water to allow natural humidity to rise.

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