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Philodendron Selloum {Hope}
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Philodendron Selloum {Hope}

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Philodendron selloum || with a bit of love and care Xanadu's can grow into the most impressive indoor plants out! these plants are highly sought after for their large 'zagged' leaves and beautiful deep emerald green colour. Once established Xanadu's are easy care plants and can withstand a little neglect.

Potted into gorgeous Southland made ceramic pots by John Kalb. Price includes saucer + pot. 

Please note; size of plant may vary during season due to availability. Will mature into impressive house plant (first picture) in the right conditions. 

Light: Moderate - Low indoor filtered

Temp: Warm - will not tolerate cold or frost

Water: Weekly (bi weekly in winter)

Feed: Every month during growing season (Spring-Autumn) 

Tips: Wipe leaves with damp cloth regularly & mist occasionally

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