Feb Favourites - The Green Room Flower Company

Feb Favourites

Not sure what kind of flowers you’d love incorporated into your bouquet? We asked all The Green Room Girls to name their favourite flower to work with and they delivered. Of course, everyone couldn’t stop swooning over the beautiful dahlias in store at the moment, so we asked for their next top flower instead!

Check out the team’s Feb Favs below:

Alice - Gerberas 

There aint no party like a gerbera party! Gerbs are our absolute go-to since these little guys are around all year long and come in a variety of rainbow colours. Adding a little pop to an arrangement without taking over, gerberas are also long-lasting and fit in well with other flowers.


Dani - Lisianthus 

We absolutely adore lisianthus at The Green Room - I mean… those ruffles! Relatively long-lasting, lisianthus flowers are great value as you can get a lot out of just one stem and have the ability to reflex the petals in various ways to totally change the look of the flower. 


Rachel S - Stock

Known for its sweet but spicy smell, stock is available from around April to November and comes in some stunning bright and pastel tones. We love using these versatile and fragrant blooms - you’ll always catch Rachel stopping to smell the flowers when stock is in stock!


Kate - Hydy

Who doesn’t love a big bunch of hydrangea? We’re seriously digging all the colours that have been coming through the shop recently and most of Kate’s favourite bouquets have some hydy hiding in there. These big poofy flowers add loads of texture to any arrangement they’re a part of.


Rachel B - Zinnia

Colour and texture are never lacking with zinnia! Available in bright and vibrant shades, we love the layers and myriad of petals on these blooms. Even better, all our zinnia flowers are locally sourced, meaning we’re getting fresh blooms from right here in Otago!


Chonny - Sunflowers

Nothing says summer like the bright and happy yellow of a sunflower. We can’t help but feel smiley when the store is brimming with these cheerful flowers, and Chonny didn’t hesitate to name sunflowers as her favourite. Symbolising loyalty and love, we think anyone would be stoked to receive a sunflower bouquet!

Alisha - Dahlia 

The flower of the season, dahlias are popular for a reason! Coming in loads of vibrant and unique colours with so many variations, no dahlia looks the same. These beautiful blooms can add texture to any arrangement and give nothing but fun and funky vibes.


Alex - Golden Pothos

We’re sneaking in a little Plant Collective to this list with Alex’s (current) favourite plant, the Golden Pothos. A fast-growing, easy-care plant, this bad boy is perfect for anyone who just loves vines and jungle vibes. Check out Plant Collective to shop plants or learn more about plant care!