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Flowers That Have Healing Properties

Natural remedies have been around since ancient times and many of these are associated with plants, including flowers. You might be surprised to learn that many of the blooms you purchase from your local florist don’t just look fantastic but have some amazing healing properties.

Flowers and Mental Health

Let’s start with the profound effect that colourful fresh-cut flowers and plants can have on your mental health. It may be something about having natural colours and the scent of flowers that help to ease anxiety and boost mood.

Not only can flowers lift us, but they can also improve creativity and raise our productivity. With many of us still working from home, if you want to give yourself a pick me up other than coffee in the morning, ordering fresh cut flowers may be just the ticket.

Roses and Joint Pain

Many traditional blooms have longstanding and historic therapeutic properties. Roses soaked in water were often used to ease joint pain. A recent study found that powdered rose petals had the same anti-inflammatory effect as taking a tablet of ibuprofen for some patients. Roses are also chock full of vitamin C – in the second world war, they were used to make cough and flu remedies.

Evening Primrose and Balancing Your Hormones

Evening primrose extracts are popularly taken by women and are thought to contain certain fatty acids that improve blood circulation and can help clear your complexion. There’s also some evidence that it can reduce prostate swelling in men and balance hormones.

In North America, Indians used to make a poultice using evening primrose flowers and leaves which was prevented swelling, reduced bruising, and even treated haemorrhoids.

Lavender is a Natural Antiseptic

Lavender has also long been known for its antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities. A few drops of lavender oil on a cut or abrasion should help soothe the pain, prevent infection, and ease healing.

Lavender is also associated with improving mental health and promoting a deeper sleep – just try putting a little oil on your pillow at night and see if it works.

Marigold and Acne

Marigold flowers have come back into fashion in recent years, but they also have some interesting health properties. The plant can be used to treat small wounds and can help combat attacks of acne. The flowers contain a range of different glycerides that are thought to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Chamomile and Sleep

Chamomile tea is a staple nowadays in many households. Taking a cup before bedtime is thought to help promote better sleep and many people swear by it. If you are suffering from stomach pain or have indigestion, chamomile can also calm down your digestive system. It may even have a beneficial effect on women with menstrual problems.

St John’s Wort is an Anti-Inflammatory

St John’s Wort or Hypericum perforatum has a delicate yellow flower and a wide range of health benefits. It is used by many to help regulate their mood and there is some evidence it may be useful in treating mild depression. It also may have a benefit for those who have premenstrual symptoms or who are post-menopausal.

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Whether you want flowers to support your well-being or simply to look amazing in your home their mood boosting effects, the amazing florists at The Green Room Flower Company can create your perfect bouquet.