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Great Ways to Say Thank You with Flowers

Everyone loves receiving flowers, and if you want to say a heartfelt thank you then there is no better way to do that than with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers.

Thank You Flowers Wanaka

Flowers have been a traditional way to say thank you for many generations but there are so many options available now, it can be overwhelming to choose the best flowers for your meaning. A helpful florist, like The Green Room Flower Company in Wanaka, can give you great advice on the flowers to choose and reasons why certain flowers may be best suited to you occasion.

Here are some florist tips on choosing the best flowers to say thank you with:

Say Thank You with Roses

Roses are always a go to choice when it comes to giving flowers and they come in a wide range of colours.  If you are sending a thank you to someone who isn’t a romantic partner, then avoid red flowers as these are most associated with love and romance. But white or yellow, are perfect as these are a symbol of new beginnings and friendship, respectively.

Orchids as Thank You Gifts

Orchids are popular as gifts as they are luxurious and delicate, creating a lavish look. They are also usually sold as a plant rather than cut flowers so these make for a gift that will stick around for a while.

They are also easier to look after than many people realise so even if the recipient isn’t a a keen gardener, they will appreciate the lovely thank you gift.

Tulips and Bulbs

If it is the right time of year, flowers such as tulips are ideal for thank you flowers. They come in a wide range of colours and are cheerful and bright. You can also mix them with other bright flowers such as daffodils or hyacinths for a lovely scented, seasonal bouquet.

Yellow tulips in particular are associated with showing someone you are grateful for their efforts so ideal for a workplace thank you.

Hydrangeas as Thank You Flowers

Hydrangeas may not be the first flowers you think of for a cut flower bouquet, but they do work well and there are lots of different types. Originally coming from Japan, these flowers were given by one of the Japanese emperors to offer an apology and since then have been associated with saying thanks and sorry.

They are also ideal for a thank you gift for a friend or to show your mother how much you appreciate her as they are associated with gratitude and honesty.

Succulent Gifts

While not strictly speaking flowers, succulents make a great thank you gift because they are easy to care for, come in lots of shapes and colours and last for a long time.

These little plants can be given in rustic wooden boxes, glass domes or in a wide range of pots and containers to make a gift that says thanks and will be with the recipient for a long time - even if they often forget to water them!