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How to Choose the Right Vase for the Right Flowers

As florists we know that beautiful blooms look even better when they are in the right vase. The vase is known as the foundation of a great floral display and there are many options to choose from. The right vase choice can take beautiful flowers from a nice bouquet to a wow centrepiece.

The choice of vase can also be influenced by the room and surroundings where the flowers are placed. If you are placing flowers on a dining table for a dinner party, remember to keep the vases low so that your guests can talk over them. If you want a big display in the hallway to bring a smile when you walk through the day, consider a larger more extravagant vase for impact.

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Below are some different types of vases you could choose from to display your flowers. To make it even easier The Green Room Flower company also sell gorgeous bouquets ready in vases for you to simply and proudly display at home. You can choose from ceramic vases, flower jars, bloom bags or trusting the florists’ choice when creating your unique bouquet.

If you want to optimise the beauty of your luxury flowers, ensure you have the right vase for the right flowers. Here are a few tips - what shape suits which flowers, tall, small, square, cylinder?

Cylindrical Vase

A cylindrical vase is ideal for a beautiful, plush bouquet that may need some control. A sparse bouquet will show a lot of space, but a packed bouquet of shrub-like flowers will look elegantly controlled. For added effect, use a thick glassed cylinder container. Perfect for hydrangeas and other flowering branches, peonies, sunflowers, or any bloom with a bulky stem.

Bubble Vase

A bubble shaped vase is perfect for blooms that require a good depth for the stem and space to breath! It often helps for the vase to occupy a ruffled opening as it helps rein in unruly flowers whilst keeping the arrangement loose; this is key.

Square Vase

A square vessel is often used for flowers that are straight in the stem with a heavier flower head. The square shape provides a rest for the long-standing blooms, and it is often wise to use contrasting colours as it adds to the modern look of the vase.

Bud Vase

A very stylish vase in the bud vase. Ideal for flowers with a long steam as it stops them from slacking and falling out! A bud vase can be utilised to make any flowers with a thin stem look even more effective.

Clear Vase

A beautiful flower head can often boast an equally attractive stem. Thick, long, and leafless, stems with a deep green colour can add more beauty to a luxury flowers bouquet, therefore, show them off with a clear vase.