Meet the Flower Fairies: Alice - The Green Room Flower Company

Meet the Flower Fairies: Alice

Meet Alice! She's one of our wonderful flower fairies.
Alice is a creative through and through, enjoying painting and creating her own artwork outside of the flower studio! 
Alice, much like many of us, moved down to Wanaka a few years ago and never wanted to leave! Her smiley personality gives an extra flair of fun to the studio!
We chatted to Alice about her floristry journey so far; 

How long have you been a florist?

I started here at the Green Room, so about two years now! 


How did you get into floristry?

I just walked in and asked to get involved! I volunteered for a while and the finally got a spot on the team.



Any advice for those wanting to get into floristry?

Just give it a go! Have a play with some flowers from your local florist. 


What's your favourite flower?

Probably sunflowers! I also love Poppies and Gerberas.



How would you style Sunflowers?

I love them just by themselves, wrapped in brown paper with a yellow ribbon. 


Whats your favourite floral trend?

Fairytale blooms! Like wild flower bouquets with little bits and pieces that fit perfectly together. I love it!