Meet the flower fairies: Dani - The Green Room Flower Company

Meet the flower fairies: Dani

We chat to flower fairy and wedding bouquet extraordinaire, Dani!

Dani is a talented florist and the newest addition to our flower wrangling team. Dani's sunny vibe and calm persona brings a warmth to the team that makes staff, and customers, feel like they're in safe hands!

Originally from Auckland, Dani took the pilgrimage down south, and like many, found the mountains of Queenstown and Wanaka, and never wanted to leave! 

How long have you been a florist?

8 years or so, on and off.


How long have you been at The Green Room?

Around a year, I started last September! 



How did you get into floristry?

My grandma was actually a florist, and it all just stemmed from there! And here I am!


Whats your favourite bit about being a florist?

The flowers, of course! The variety and changing seasons of the flowers is really fun.

Dani's favourite creations

What’s your favourite flower?

Peony! I think that’s everyone’s favourite. They require quite a specific growing environment, they really love the cold! I really love styling them on their own. Maybe that’s a bit controversial but I think they look great on their own in a vase!


Any advice for budding florists?

Just get stuck into it and give it a go! Its not until you actually start doing it that you figure out your way and if you like it. Its super creative so just have fun with it!


Any floral trends that inspire you?

I think a lot of colour, just bright bouquets, you know, like yellows and oranges. I also love adding in fruit into arrangements, it’s something a bit different and unique!