Meet the flower fairies: Elle - The Green Room Flower Company

Meet the flower fairies: Elle

Meet Elle, our marketing and creative guru.

She's one of the flower fairies but works primarily on our marketing and visuals! As a freelance digital creative, she's gained plenty of experience working in marketing and as a freelance photographer back in the UK. Drawn here for the adventure and mountains, she's exploring NZ from her new found home here in Wanaka. 



How long have you been at the Green Room?

I've been at The Green Room just a few months!

How did you get into floristry?

Always wanted to be, or work at, a florists! It was kind of a pipe dream and when I came to NZ I figured it was the perfect time to explore that! I think it comes from a lifetime love of flowers and nature, having grown up in a remote English village watching my mother enjoy amateur floristry. 

How did you get into the creative industry? 

I've been a photographer/videographer/digital marketer/copywriter for the last 5 years, working throughout a variety of industries as freelancer and in-house after uni. I've worked in all sorts from Classic cars and farming to the adventure industry.  I've always loved photography, both in its analogue and digital capacities. You'll usually find me shooting portraits, cars, adventure and flowers.

What's your favourite flower?


I love whimsical wild flowers, so poppies, dahlias, sweet pea, tulips etc. My ideal bouquet (hint hint) would probably be a whimsical garden bouquet.