Meet the flower fairies: Rachel (2) - The Green Room Flower Company

Meet the flower fairies: Rachel (2)

We chat to Rachel (2!) who's the general manager and class clown of the studio. You'll find her dancing and singing her way around the flowers as she creates bouquets of blooms!

How long have you been a florist?

I'm going into my third year! So not that long really, i love getting creative.


How long have you been at the Green Room?

I've also been here for going on three years, so my floristry journey began at the Green Room. I've met a lot of wonderful women along the way who have taught me a lot of great things.


Rachel 2

How did you get into floristry?

I was in a job in hospitality (Shout out to Relishes - what a great team!) and fancied a career change as floristry is something I'd thought about for a while. I saw that Rachel (The Boss) was looking for someone so I came in and gave it a go!  So if you're ever unsure whether to take the jump to a new career, just do it, another door will always open. 

What's your favourite part of being a florist? 

Although its nothing to do with flowers, I love the people I work with! They're great and I think they like me! (Laughter erupts in the background) 

But I also love the excitement of when flowers come back in season and you get to unpack new fresh flowers. Making something that you're really stoked on is great too. I love it when I make a bouquet or I've achieved something new, but generally the flowers are awesome.


What's your favourite flower?

I love Stock, especially in the vintage pastel tones. It also smells really good, like cinnamon. I also love Peonies, Jasmine, Chocolate Cosmos, Tulips, theres just so many! 

Rachel holding Stock

How would you style Stock?

I'd style them by themselves with a variety of colours, sticking with bright colours or pastels. The smell of it just amazing, playing with heights and levels. 


What is your favourite floral trend right now?

Floral trends are forever changing but at the moment I love how brides are having their bridesmaids with single variety bouquets and tonal, or mismatching bridesmaids dresses to match. It works well when the Bride is having a bouquet of everything mixed together including that single variety. 


What is your advice for any budding florists?

I'd say just be prepared for a bit more hard work. If you have a creative bone in your body, for sure test it out, but theres so much more to floristry than meets the eye. Be prepared for busy days, and time management and communication needs to be good. The big days like Valentines and Mothers Day , you just got to get it done. Cleaning is a big part of it too, so being tidy is important! 

Rachel 2