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Top 5 Alternatives to Roses This Valentine's Day

The classic red rose has been a Valentine’s staple for years and even though we absolutely love the meaning and significance, we think it’s about time some other blooms got the attention this V day! 

By moving away from a tradition, you can surprise your loved one with a unique arrangement while getting more bang for your buck! Check out our top 5 alternatives to roses below:


1. Dahlias

In season right now, Dahlia’s are a showstopper. The intricate construction of their petals and symmetry blows our minds each time they arrive in the studio. The best part about these beauties is that they are grown locally here in Hawea and we just adore incorporating these beautiful blooms into the most special flower arrangements.

2. Gerberas

Whether you like it or not, these happy little guys are making a comeback! We love the new and exciting varieties now being grown here in New Zealand and Gerberas are available years round, available in a huge array of funky colours and pastel shades. Enjoy these well-priced stems in-amongst a mixed bouquet or create some wow factor and send them in a gorgeous single variety bunch!

3. Sunflowers

Bring some sunshine to your loved ones' life with a bouquet of sunflowers! These gorgeous yellow flowers pack a punch of colour, guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Make someone's day with this happy-go-lucky flower!

4. Hydrangeas

These big puffs of love are absolutely stunning at this time of year, locally grown and available in stunning shades of blue, white, pink and green as well as the most incredible antique vintage gradients. These big balls of fluffy, intricate layers of petals are something out of this world and makes you want to hug them. Get a big bundle of seasonal blooms to knock their socks off this Valentine's Day.

5. Different colour rose

If you’re a traditionalist at heart and still love the classic rose for Valentine’s Day, why not try an alternative colour to the usual red? There are plenty of gorgeous options to choose from - some of our favourites include dusky pink and purple and peachy, citrus tones.

Still can’t decide which flowers to choose? Just leave it up to us! Our Florist Choice bouquet is completely custom, made by our experienced florists who have an eye for beautiful things. Alternatively, check out our Valentine’s Day Collection for more options and some goodies to go with your bouquet.