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Why Dried Flowers are Growing in Popularity

One of the biggest flower trends in recent years has been the rise of dried flower arrangements. Everlasting flowers are beautiful in their own right and add charm and colour to your home, and they last a really long time!

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Dried Flowers Wanaka

From dried flower workshops to gorgeous, dried flower bouquet, the popularity of everlasting flowers continues to grow and The Green Room Flower co in Wanaka, we love them too!

Here are some quick benefits of choosing dried flowers:

  • Very long lasting
  • Makes a gift that lasts
  • Very low maintenance
  • They are gorgeous!
  • Easy to change the arrangement
  • Looks great in every season

Why are Dried Flowers so Popular?

These gorgeous, dried flowers are all over everyone’s Instagram at the moment and the great photos being shared show very visibly why people love them! Home interiors have never been as popular as they are at the moment and decorating our home with flowers is a natural extension to that interest.

With so many of us now working from home or spending more time at home than we used we want joy and colour in our homes and dried flowers can provide that without the worry of taking care of them. As many of us spend so much time working on a computer, it is lovely to have something natural to look at while we work.

Cut flowers are gorgeous but they fade quickly compared to dried and preserved flowers, and with clever florists making stunning bouquet of dried flowers these are becoming highly sought after. There are no worries about seasonality, or how long the flowers will last, these flowers will look good from the moment they are placed until you decide to move them. This makes them perfect for the home as you can choose a dried flower bouquet to match your décor and it will look great, always!

Dried Flowers at Weddings

Not only popular in the home, but dried flowers are also making their way into wedding and even settings, they have the advantage of being made in advance so there are no worries about the flower availability on the day and arrangements can be gifted to guests after the event as a lovely reminder of the special day. Brides in particular love the idea of having a dried bridal bouquet that can be made into an arrangement after the wedding to decorate their home and remind them of their special day.

Love for Dried Flowers

While they will never capture the freshness of a real flower bouquet, dried flowers have a charm and a look all of their own and it is having a resurgence at the moment, and we love it! If you are looking for a dried flower arrangement talk to us about what we can create just for you.