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Winter blooms to brighten up your day

Winter here in Wanaka can often bring the doom and gloom of inversions and frosty mornings. We know as much as anyone that a great way to brighten your house, or a loved one's day, is to add some fragrant blooms! 

Our top staff picks are here to help you out of that winter slump and give you some winter flower inspo!


A beautiful early spring daffodil that has made an early appearance. With its delicate cream petals and fragrant smell, these happy daffs are bound to bring you some cheer! 

They make a beautiful addition to any bouquet and look great solo in a vase.


Cymbidium Orchids

This decorative delight can't NOT brighten up your day! These beautiful boat orchids give a charming and classy look to any bouquets and also look great on their own in a tall vase.

Cymbidium Orchids are fuss-free blooms, perfect for any occasion!



The literal kings and queens of winter blooms! Protea come in two forms, kings (the magnificent pointy white flowers) and queens (The beautiful rounded pink blooms).

Proteas, otherwise known as Sugarbushes thanks to the excess of nectar that the flowers produce, are the South African national flower. They provide a bright and sophisticated look, pairing well with green foliage to extenuate the statement of the blooms.