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Winter Blooms: What to expect in your winter bouquet

For us here in Wanaka, NZ, we know it's only a matter of time until that late autumnal inversion rolls over the mountains and settles in for a while. Lucky for you, we've got some blooms to cheer you up and bring some colour to your winter! 


Classic blooms:

Roses, Orchids and Lillies are popular throughout winter and make a beautiful statement in any arrangement. They're well loved classics and are guaranteed to bring a smile to anyones face.

Native beauties:

Waratahs and Proteas are native New Zealand and Australian flowers and bring a sense of home to bouquets. They're long lasting and resilient to cooler temperatures.

Pretty petals:

Daffodils, tulips, Delphiniums and Gerberas bring a summery feel to colder months with their delicate and colourful petals! 


The best way to keep blooms lasting a long time is;

- Refresh their water regularly. A good rule of thumb is to keep flowers in water that you'd drink yourself!

- Snip the ends on an angle, every few days.

- Use flower food. 

- Use warm water to re-hydrate extra tired looking blooms. 


Winter doesn't have to be moody and cold! Order a colourful seasonal bouquet to brighten up your day or a loved ones!