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5 reasons to choose Lilac for your whimsical spring wedding

We love Lilac! We're just sad it doesn't bloom for longer. Lilac is one of our favourite sweet smelling purple blooms but it only graces our studio here in Wanaka for a few weeks throughout spring before its gone for another year!

We love using Lilac in bouquets, whether it's on mass or as part of a whimsical bouquet. 

If you're looking at a Wanaka Spring wedding, why not consider a Lilac themed palette? Here's 5 reasons, styling tips and alternatives to help you decide;


1. Lilacs are sweet smelling meaning you're guaranteed to surround yourself and your guests with with their sweet notes!

2. They're the ultimate whimsical bloom. Lilac's romantic drooping petals lend themselves to a fairytale inspired bouquet that will overflow from your hands.

3. Lilacs are a great way to introduce a colour theme or soft pastel hues into your day. You can stick with the classic purple Lilacs or go for white, blue or pink instead. This gives you the option to go for a single variety bouquet with Lilacs on mass but feature an array of hues.

4. They look great dried and pressed! Keep the whimsical vibes going after your big day by drying and pressing them into a design. We recommend our floral sister, Botanic Press, another Wanaka local floral queen.

5. Lilacs are edible, meaning you can even incorporate them into your wedding cake, cocktails and more!

Take a look at our Pinterst board for more lilac infused inspiration!


Julie Paisley Photography | Cedarwood Weddings

Photo credit: Julie Paisley Photography | Cedarwood Weddings

 We chatted to our flower queen and Green Room director, Rachel Benton, about how she'd style a Lilac infused wedding bouquet. 

"I'd pair with them bluebells, garden roses, snapdragons, poppies orchids, sweat pea or stock, which are all in season with Lilacs."

"Lilacs have this amazing drooping look, which i'd utilise to create an 'overflowing' look"

"If you want a selection of colours, sticking within a soft pastel colour palette with lemon yellows, powder blues, peach and pinks all provide a fairytale aesthetic too"



If you're not convinced on Lilacs, or maybe you're getting married outside of October / Spring, here's some other alternatives;





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