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All White Wedding Floral Style Advice

One key decision for your wedding day is to think about which colour scheme or them you want to have. Many people base their decision around their favourite colour, or perhaps the time of year that you are getting married. 

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But what if you just want to keep things as simple as you can?

A colour palette that couples don’t tend to consider is white; however, white can actually be a great overall theme. 

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You may worry that if you choose white as your colour, then you are limiting your choices of wedding flowers. But this isn’t the case. In fact, let us show you just how well white can work with our all-white wedding floral style advice. 

Have different centrepieces

If you are working with white, then one great thing is that the simple nature of the colour allows you to mix and match your style in other ways. This is definitely true with your centrepieces, as you can add in taller white flowers alongside shorter white flowers; you could even have touches such as tealights or other candles to add an extra dimension to the look. 

Add a touch of foliage

Making an all-white bouquet stand out can be tricky to do, especially if you want to make it as exciting and eye-catching as possible. Rather than having to give up on your idea of white flowers, you can make them look even more stunning by adding in some foliage. 

Whilst this will bring green splashes to your bouquet, it will still keep things simple and add some texture to it. 

Go grand

If you do decide on white flowers, then one thing that this allows you to do is make bolder, grander choices with your style rather than have to stick to smaller touches. We love the idea of having an archway decorated with white blooms where you say I do, and we also love the idea of lining the aisle with white flowers so that you can make your grand entrance too.

Don’t forget your ladies 

White flowers not only work for your bouquet but also for your bridesmaids and flower girls too. We really love the idea of trying out something different and matching a simple, small posy of flowers to a decorative floral headpiece. Because you are stick with white flowers, you don’t have to worry about any hair colour clashes. 

Give the bridesmaids some choice

Keeping with the bridesmaids, if you are thinking about their bouquets and posies, you can approach this in much the same way you did the centrepieces. Using white makes mixing and matching easier and doesn’t mean that it will look out of place. Speak to each bridesmaid and find out what they would like to carry style-wise? You can then mix up small posies with single stems, using the same colour and possibly the same flowers, creating a fun, exciting, yet coordinated look. 

As you can see, white doesn’t have to mean dull. White can be a great way to add a simple, elegant touch to your wedding and really embrace everything about simplistic and timeless style. 

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