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Alternative Bouquet Ideas for your Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers are incredibly special and are representative of the lovely couple getting wed. That is why each and every wedding bouquet we create here at The Green Room Flower Company is exceptionally unique and reflects the love between each of the couples tying the knot. Alternative bouquets have becoming more popular as couples move away from tradition and choose items that truly reflect who they are – and we love it!

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Here are some ideas for something different to do with your wedding flowers.

Alternative Wedding Bouquet – Floral Hoop

One simple and practical idea is a hoop bouquet. These feature a metal hoop usually in gold or silver metal or even in wood. There’s a bouquet of flowers spread across the bottom, while the top is left bare to make it easy to carry. They offer a different shape option while still looking stunning.

Alternative Wedding Bouquet – An Oversized Bouquet

Another variation on the bouquet shape is having it oversized. This makes things much more dramatic and lends itself to incredibly unique images captured on film. A dense, hanging and fun filled bouquet means it has many shapes, sides and angles – making for a more interesting shot on camera.

Alternative Wedding Bouquet - Floral Crowns

If you are a bride who doesn’t want her hands full but still wants flowers, a floral crown could be the perfect solution. This involves a circlet of flowers that can be worn on the head or even trail down through the hair. It looks stunning and means you have your hands free as needed.

Alternative Wedding Bouquet - Greenery Bouquets

This one isn’t a new idea but is back in full force as a trend for this coming season. Ferns and native looking foliage are a particularly popular idea for this style as there are lots of different options for foliage and choosing a variety of shades beyond emerald green adds more texture and depth, captured perfectly on camera.

Alternative Wedding Bouquet - Olive Branch Bouquets

A related idea to the greenery bouquet is to have olive branches in a bunch for your wedding flowers. Olive branches are associated with peace and are a beautiful choice to carry down the aisle. A simple ribbon tied around them will complete the look.

Alternative Wedding Bouquet - Cotton

If you aren’t a fan of flowers, then something like cotton can be used in their place. Cotton on the stem looks gorgeous when mixed with some dried flowers and greenery to make a simple and interesting look.

Alternative Wedding Bouquet - Citrus Bouquets

If cotton is too fluffy, then some citrus fruits and greenery could be another option. Choose smaller fruits such as kumquats that are easy to hold, offer a pop of colour and can even be eaten afterwards if you want!

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