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Flower Nests: 5 reasons why you should have a flower meadow for your big day

We adore these warm spring weddings, and this Rippon-hosted colourful day didn't disappoint! Our lovely bride opted for this stunning flower nest, crafted using bright blooms and fairytale foliage. 
Vogue called it last year, flower nests (or grounded arches) are the new arch, and we couldn't agree more! They're a great way to frame your ceremony and create the allure of your very own wild flower meadow. With the stunning Wanaka backdrop, it gives a whimsical feel to an already magical day.
Heres 5 reasons why you should choose a flower nest:
1.  It's your very own flower meadow! With varying lengths and unlimited design choices, you can customise the arrangement right down to the finest details. Whether you want a short, curved or tall nest, we'll work with you to create your perfect look.
2.  Cut the cost of hiring an arch or frame. By choosing a grounded arrangement you've got an organic and authentic flower arrangement.
3. They're easily repurposed after the ceremony for other areas of your big day. 
Kate Roberge Photography
4. The won't block the view, and we all know the big allure about Queenstown and Wanaka weddings is of course that stunning view!
5.  A ground arrangement is a great way to incorporate that floral element without obstructing your faces, meaning guests stay focused on the words, the vows and the moment.  Precious details like smiles, tears, and intricate dress and show details won't get lost in photos. 

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