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Wedding Flower Traditions

Wedding traditions are only as important as each individual couple wants to make them. However, there are wedding traditions that have stood the test of time, which many couples want to include in their wedding celebrations. So as experienced wedding florists we are taking a look at those traditions that include floral elements.
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Wedding Floral Traditions
Many blooms included in weddings have meanings that go back many years, and have stories and reasons why they are included, here are a few of our floral favourites.
The Bridal Bouquet – The bouquet goes back to Greek and Roman times when flowers were held to help ward off bad luck! These started as floral garlands which symbolised fertility, and included herbs such as rosemary for loyalty, dill as an aphrodisiac, and ivy to represent their new unbreakable bond. Modern bouquets are a throw back to the Victorian era, where the flowers were the language of love and so the blooms were chosen with great care.
Throwing the Bouquet – This originated as a distraction for the bride to make an escape! It was a common Victorian superstition that a piece of the bride’s dress or bouquet would bring good luck and so to avoid being mobbed, the bride would throw the bridal bouquet in one direction and make an exit in another! Today of course, the throwing of the bouquet is more light-hearted and the person who catches the blooms will be the next to be married.
Having a Flower Girl – The role of a young family member or friend, throwing petals or flowers down the aisle before the bride has its origins back in ancient times. When the Greeks and Romans would have younger girls throw down herbs and flowers with symbolism before the bride. In Victorian times, flower girls wore miniature replicas of the bride’s gown and carried baskets of flowers or floral hoops to symbolise love and fertility.
Corsages and Boutonnieres – Warding off bad spirits was the origin for corsage’s and boutonnieres. Later it was to show family colours, but this tradition did not start in earnest until the 19th century when suits had buttonholes.
Floral Traditions Around the World
Flowers are a huge part of every wedding ceremony in most countries around the world – here are some of our favourites.
  • In China the lotus flower is the most significant bloom and most Chinese couples include this in their ceremony. There are often two blooming lotus flowers next to each together as this represents harmony.
  • In England a very old tradition is to gift the bride and groom a rose bush to plant in their new home. The tradition is that the rose will grow with their marriage with the blooms symbolising the joy and the thorns the hardship of married life.
  • In Greece the grooms are bestowed with flower crowns that are placed on their heads during the wedding ceremony. These are known as Greek Wedding Crowns.
Whatever traditions you want to include in your wedding we are happy to create beautiful bespoke blooms for your special day that represent you.

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