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Wedding Flower Checklist

Everyone has different ideas about what they want their wedding florals to be. For some couples it is all about having gorgeous dramatic blooms adoring the whole wedding venue with gorgeous arches and table décor. For others it is lower key, simply the bridal party flowers, and a few well placed florals for colour and charm

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Whatever you are looking for in your wedding flowers there is a quick list below of different types of wedding flowers you may want to consider.

Wedding Bouquets - The bouquet is arguably one of the most important florals for your wedding day because it’s photographed throughout the day. If you’re going to splurge on any bouquets, make it this one. The wedding party’s bouquets will also get photographed. However, there’s nothing wrong with keeping them simpler if you want to save money.

Boutonnieres - Boutonnieres are an easy way for couples to match one another and the wedding’s colour palette. Because these are typically smaller, you don’t need to worry about going over the top. If you prefer simple boutonnieres a flower or two will do. This also applies to any wedding party boutonnieres as well.

Aisle Décor - If you want to decorate your ceremony space without spending a fortune, having floral aisle markers at the beginning and end of the aisle may be the perfect choice for you. This is an easy way to make a space feel decorated without being overwhelming. This is also ideal if you plan on having an intricate backdrop because it won’t take away from the decor.

Backdrop Wedding Flowers - Backdrop florals will be just that—the backdrop to your vows. They’ll be in every photograph taken of the ceremony, so you want to make sure that you love them. From flower arches to a flower-covered chuppah to a hanging floral ceiling, there are many different ways to go about it.

Tossing Petals - After saying “I do” and making your way down the aisle, you can give your guests fresh flower petals to throw during your wedding ceremony exit. Tossing petals make for memorable photos but they aren’t required. You can also use leaves, bubbles, streamers, or simply have guests clap during the recessional.

Table Centrepieces - Your centrepieces get a lot of attention during the reception. Your guests will be looking at them all night long while they eat and socialize. Because of this, you’ll likely spend most of your flower budget on these pieces.

Cake Flowers - When putting together a flower budget, many couples forget about the cake. If you like the look of florals on your cake, be sure to talk to both your baker and your florist during wedding planning.

Extra Wedding Florals - One of the best parts about planning a wedding is making it entirely your own. This means the location, type, and size of flowers you choose are up to you, too. The ones we listed above tend to be the more traditional floral arrangements included in a wedding. But the sky is the limit! 

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