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Wedding Flower Trends for 2022

Weddings are getting back on track and there are some truly stunning flower trends coming in for 2022. Whether you want to go all out with elaborate floral backdrops and hanging installations or keep it simple by focusing more on the bridal party or ceremony florals only – there is something for everyone.

2022 Wedding Flower Trends

Your wedding day is incredibly special and unique, so your flowers should be too! Whether you want something completely out of the ordinary, super modern or florals that are in line with traditional trends, your talented florists can certainly create something for you.

Here are some of the best flower trends coming in 2022 to inspire your dream wedding:

Floral Wedding Backdrops

Oversized, elaborate, bold and beautiful floral backdrops are going to be big this year. Bold floral backdrops make for a perfect photo opportunity for both you and your guests. Plus, if you have some guests attending your wedding virtually, it will give them something eye catching to look at.

You can ask for other items to be added to your backdrop. Many couples are choosing to display photographs at their wedding, especially pictures of loved ones that can’t be there in person.

Floral backdrops make your colour scheme stand out, so choose a pop of colour! Which gives you a chance to tie all the tones together in one place.

Floral Entryways

If you want to wow your guests, go for a flowers at the entrance. Beautiful to look at and gorgeous to smell, roses or scented stock are excellent for this. Your photographer can take full advantage of this as a golden picture opportunity too.

Contrasting Textures

As well as playing around with colour, you can also introduce different textures to your floral arrangements. Go for a mix of fresh and dried flowers, or introduce other elements to your bouquet, like stone or wood.

Cascading Flowers

Cascading flowers are elegant and beautiful. Go for a long trailing bouquet for a dramatic look, or a beautiful, overflowing vase full of flowers for your centrepieces.

Seasonal Flowers

It’s always beautiful to bring in local seasonal flowers. It’s a good environmental choice, and it brings a personal touch to your wedding day. Wildflowers are particularly beautiful, especially if you’re going to be making the most of the outdoor spaces available at your venue. Locally grown blooms is a big one for brides at the moment and Central Otago has some of the most amazing flower growers in the south island.

Statement Colours

If you’re not so keen on traditional pinks, whites, and creams, bring in some bright, bold colours instead. Think burnt oranges and scorched earth reds, or bold, beautiful blues with pops of golden yellow or magenta. This will give your bouquets and floral arrangements a modern twist.

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