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Why Australian Brides are Choosing New Zealand for their Wedding

As a New Zealand florist, we love weddings and have helped many Australian couples create their perfect wedding flowers while planning from Australia!

With so many Aussie brides looking to get married in beautiful New Zealand we thought we would take a look at why this is becoming an increasingly popular option for Australian couples.

Australian Couples Marrying in New Zealand

Whether you are looking for a small elopement wedding with just the two of you and perhaps a small select group or are planning a bigger wedding with lots of your friends and family joining you New Zealand is becoming the popular destination wedding for Australian brides and grooms.

Getting married in New Zealand and then having it recognised in Australia is a simple process, but you do need to ensure all your paperwork is in order before making the trip so checking with your registrar will help you create a tick list of the legal requirements you need to meet.

Location, Location, Location

It is no secret that one of the biggest draws for Australian couples choosing to be wed in New Zealand is the stunning scenery. New Zealand offers a stunning backdrop for your wedding photographs for free! No scene setting, no additional props all you need is a great photographer who can capture your wedding day and maybe a little walk to get to the perfect vantage point to capture the photographs that will become the memories for your future years.

Some couples choose to travel by helicopter to beauty spots for the perfect wedding shot, and they are truly stunning!

Choose Your Setting

You can choose to get married indoors or outdoors in New Zealand which opens a world of opportunities when choosing your New Zealand wedding setting. Stunning beaches, gorgeous parks and other outdoor spaces are available with some requiring a permit ensuring no one else is getting married at the same time, and so that the council don’t schedule maintenance when you are planning to say your vows! The local council will advise what is and is not permitted at your chosen spot so you can then plan your aisles, chairs, and floral installations at your wedding spot.

New Zealand offers everything from five-star venues to elopement weddings in the outdoors, and everything in between so whatever your wedding style, New Zealand will be able to deliver.

Family Connections

Many couples in Australia have family connections in New Zealand so it is popular for big family weddings as everyone can visit for a holiday and catch up with the family members that they mostly only see over zoom!

Wedding and Honeymoon Combo

Another real draw for a New Zealand wedding is that you can combine your wedding and your honeymoon in one incredibly romantic trip. Once you arrive in New Zealand you can get married and have a beautiful celebration before heading off to explore New Zealand on your own on a romantic honeymoon tour.

For advice on great floral choices for Australian brides choosing to get married in New Zealand contact the Green Room Flower co for on the ground New Zealand advice!

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