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Monstera Deliciosa

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Monstera deliciosa || the ultimate house plant. On trend and growing, growing growing. These are the king monstera and the original 'fruit salad' plant. Monstera deliciosa has a rapid growth rate (during growing season) a forgiving nature (you can forget to water him and he'll be okay!) it's loved by many for it's glossy leaves and it's ability to grow wide as a trailing plant or up a pole or structure as a climbing plant. Perfect for propagation also.

Please note; size of plant may vary during seasons. They are fast growers and will soon fill out to look like the example photos.

Light: Moderate - Low indoor filtered - NO DIRECT SUNLIGHT

Temp: Warm - keep away from direct heat such as heat pumps & fires

Water: Weekly - likes moist even soil

Soil: Free draining organic : mix of perlite, potting mix & compost

Feed: Every other week during growing season (Spring-Autumn) 

Tips: Mist with water spray bottle each day.


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