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Peace Lily

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Spathiphyllum Silvia || Peace lilies are an air purifying plant and efficiently absorb air pollution found in homes and it has even been scientifically proven! What better way to cleanse your home or work space than buying a new plant.

These gorgeous Peace Lilies have striking, glossy, dark green leaves and emerging white scented flowers from amongst the luscious foliage. This is an easy care, long lived plant - perfect for beginners.

Light: Moderate - Low indoor filtered

Temp: Warm - consistent heat where possible but will withstand some change in temperature

Water: Weekly - (water sparingly as the weather cools)

Soil: Free draining organic : mix of perlite, potting mix & compost

Feed: Every month during growing season (Spring-Autumn) 

Tips: Remove spent or yellowing leaves & apply liquid fertilizer regularly during the growing season. Occasionally wipe the leaves to remove dust. 

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