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Left to right Asta Devlin (Event Florist) Peri Shaeffers (Flower Shop Manager) Rachel Benton (Owner, Florist & Director)
Rachel Benton

Rachel Benton - Owner, Florist & Creative Director

Rachel is a lover of all things floral and has been thoroughly trained in all areas of the florist trade including classic traditional methods, wedding flower design and her own take on modern up and coming trends in the industry.
Rachel has completed her National Certificate in Horticulture and prides herself on the wide range of plant knowledge she has gained from this which is then incorporated creatively into her floral work. She is armed with knowledge and inspiration from many years of work in the florist trade and guarantees you beautiful bouquets that are made daily with fresh seasonal flowers, always to the highest standard possible.
Asta Devlin

Asta Devlin - Wedding & Event Florist

'Growing up, I always had a keen interest in flowers thanks to my Nana. She was incredibly passionate about her garden and was always excited to pass her knowledge on to me. On weekends she would take me on garden tours or to garden centres, include me in the upkeep of her own garden and would teach me the names of flowers and plants - both common and Latin, which she believed was very important. 
So it comes as no surprise that I find myself using that knowledge and working with flowers everyday! 
I have a huge love for the romance of weddings and the excitement of events, getting to know my clients and designing different and unique arrangements. Bold colours pallets and textures are some of my favourite elements to work with and I have a special interest in large scale installations. 
I just love working with flowers and the emotions that come with creating and giving them. The colours, the fragrance, it's a dream job!'

Peri Schaeffers
Peri Schaeffers- Flower Shop Manager & Senior Florist

It was while I was attempting to write a history paper for University I said out loud to my mum, 'maybe I should become a florist!' That ignited my interest and I set out to find more about the industry which lead me to my traineeship at the leading florist in Angaston, South Australia.

Fast forward 8 years and my passion, skills and talent have only grown for the industry. My dedication for sustainability overflows into my work where I prefer to use locally grown seasonal flowers, no floral foam and reuse and recycle where possible.

My favourite thing about my job; through flowers, I make people happy. No matter the occasion, whether it is a wedding, a new baby or a passing, flowers make people smile.

The Green Room Studio is located in the crafty hub of the industrial area on Gordon Road in Wanaka and is always full of gorgeous freshly cut blooms, hanging plants, artwork and wonderful gift ideas.
Come on down and check it out if you are in the area or browse our brand new website and see all the clever ways we can help you spread happiness in the form of flowers and plants.
Love TGRFC .x.